First Soup, October Poem

Soup season begins

October gives signal 

To prepare first pot

Mixed dry beans are

Semi-precious stones

For crafting jewelry

Or small river rocks

Smoothed, shined by

Clear rhythmic washing

And gathered to form a

Humble home altar where

Prayers whisper, rise

Colored beans clatter

Dancing into empty pot

True culinary music

That stirs eager joy

Within avid cook

Turkey drippings saved

For this soup are added

With water, ample spoons

Of spice jars’ contents

Soon it’s bubbling, a

Froth on the surface like

Good witch’s cauldron

Soup simmers while

Clock’s hands wave hours

Past, in redolent kitchen

Then it’s time to taste

For needed additions

But delighted cook

Pronounces bean soup


Let the season’s rain

Chill breezes come

©Lazul Brightwing/Sapphire Sparrow, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

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