Schizophrenic Neighbors

An uneasy neighbor, bless her…

She arrived from another place

Not just a different country

The Land of Schizophrenia…

She’s wild-looking, hair and

Costume loud, chaotic as her

Thoughts; fears, accusations

Spit from crazy mouth…

And she has familiars

Two small yapping dogs

She’s loathe to restrain…

Worst, she subscribes to

Voodoo—wanted to pray

Some unholy prayer lest

I die like a former tenant, the

Neighbor my heart misses

Who also suffered schizophrenia.

Reticent quiet soul, he made his

Way alone to church on Sundays

Dined at my table, holidays…

Now walks in Heaven healed and

Whole, body and mind restored…

He awaits my Home-coming.

©Lazul Brightwing/Sapphire Sparrow, 2019 ~ All rights reserved.

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